Reconstruct is about trading and collecting surplus materials from construction sites. It is no secret that tens of millions of pounds of construction materials and equipment are wasted every year because they are damaged, misplaced, over ordered, under specified. Often they can not be restocked, so they are thrown away. This then leads to the costly issue of their removal.

Skips brought to site, labour to fill them.

This mandatory function is carried out on every construction project. Multiply this out, think of the millions of tonnes of waste that have to go some where. Something has to be done before the nation is engulfed in a tide of construction waste.

Added to this is the strain imposed on our natural resources to produce these materials in the first place only for them to end up in the bin. The most frustrating thing is that a lot of what is thrown away is wanted and not rubbish.

As timber and sheets of plywood are thrown away on one side of London, men and machinery are standing idle in another part of London, as the promised delivery of timber does not arrive. Special sections of cable tray are often ear marked for the bin if they are found to be surplus to requirements.

On the basis, they can not be restocked so they can be binned. However if you want these items, generally they are on 3-4 week delivery. The old adage one man’s rubbish is another’s fortune, was written for construction

To take part in this sensible revolution, simply add your items of surplus construction materials to the database attached to this web site, or view the items available picking out what you want. This service is open to everyone be they large conglomerate or private individual.

Big or small we all have an important part to play. Whether you are looking to get rid of something or looking to get something.

There never has been a more blatant opportunity to make money and save the planet